Bovis déménagement, transport


The BOVIS Group on some dates:


1977: Founding of the Bovis Transports Company by Marcel Bovis in Ste Geneviève des Bois (91)

1989: Pascal BOVIS takes over as head of the company founded by his father

1997: Founding of the Bovis Provence branch in Aubagne (13). 

2000: Acquisition of the company Escolan in Rousset (13).

2002: Founding of the Bovis Industrial Maintenance and Transfer (BMTI) branch in Ste Geneviève des Bois (91).

2003: Acquisition of the hoisting company Cometra in Bordeaux Mérignac (33).

2004: Acquisition of the Manudem Group, specialising in the distribution and administrative moving. 

2005: Acquisition of the company Rousselot Manutention in Nancy (54).

2006: Founding of the national structure Pegasys Group for key distribution account customers. 

2007: Opening of the BOVIS Flandres Artois branch in Lille (59) and acquisition of the company Metall Services in Perigueux, which would then become Bovis Perigord (24)

2008: Acquisition of the hoisting company DML in Caen (14)

2009: Founding of the Bovis Fine Art structure, specialising in the transportation of works of art. Opening of the BOVIS Centre branch in Poitiers (86)

2010: Opening of the BOVIS Franche Comté branch in Besançon (25) and the BMTI North West branch in Caen (14)

2011: Development of the Logistic business, with the purchase of a new 11,000m² warehouse in the Ulis and a 22,000m² logistic hub in Bondoufle. Acquisition of the company CML in Civaux (86).

2012: Founding of the Bovis Transfer structure, specialising in turnkey company and factory transfer. The network of branches developed with the opening of Bovis Facilities in Sophia Antipolis (06) and of BMTI South-East in Rousset (13).


Today, the BOVIS Group has a 114 Million € turnover thanks to its 1042 employees distributed in 32 local branches, that represent a 200,000 m² warehousing capacity